Who We Are

Pure Burger is inspired by a true love for burgers and a passion for quality food. We love our food from the way it tastes, to the way it looks and especially the way it makes you feel. We live for grinding our meat fresh daily, creating our sauces from scratch, slicing up local produce fresh to order and we have a lot of fun doing it.

The Burgers

  • Start with a warm white or whole-wheat bun, baked fresh every morning. Or a Canyon Bakehouse® gluten-free bun — we’re the only place in town with these delicious, 100% whole grain buns.
  • Add fresh toppings like bacon and aged Tillamook cheese - these guys have been pushing the envelope on quality long before we were born.
  • 100% Grass-fed, free range beef that's locally sourced and never frozen. All of our beef is ground fresh daily on premises, hand-formed and cooked to perfection.
  • Load it up with fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, grilled mushrooms, avocado and much more. 
  • Keep it simple with Heinz organic ketchup or dig into our homemade pure spread, hot sauce or balsamic mustard that we make from scratch daily.

The Competition

Average Burger:

  • Generic frozen bun
  • 4oz of meat
  • Full of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, fillers, etc.
  • Processed cheese

$8 – $11 Meal

Better Burger:

  • Upgraded bun
  • 6oz of meat, possibly grass fed
  • Frozen, prepackaged beef
  • 1 slice of cheese

$15 – $20 Meal

Pure Burger:

  • Artisan buns baked fresh every morning with whole wheat & gluten-free options
  • 7oz of grass fed (& finished), free range beef that’s locally sourced and never frozen
  • Beef & bison ground fresh daily on premises
  • 2 slices of Tillamook aged cheddar, swiss or pepper jack cheese
  • Build your own burger with unlimited toppings & sauces made from scratch

$14 Meal

Why We Do It

It started with a passion for deliciously healthy food. Ron Weinberg and David Powell recognized a gap in the burger landscape — a lack of pure, good-for-you, burgers, without cutting corners. Together, Ron and David harnessed that passion to make real change, with a family friendly restaurant that turns burger lovers into Pure Burger loyalists.

The Difference

Our burgers are made of 100% Grass-fed beef from local farmers. Not “natural”, partially local or mixed with all sorts of fillers. Our beef is good for your taste buds and your body — at a price that’s less expensive than many other burger restaurants.

Pure Burger’s meat is fresh, never frozen, and ground on our premises each and every morning. The natural juices are preserved and it really impacts the flavor.

Our French fries are gluten free, cut fresh in house and cooked in non-GMO rice bran oil — a healthy oil alternative with great taste. It’s rich in vitamin E and has no trans-fatty acids.

Wash it all down with a choice of beverages including local craft beer, organic coconut water, and shakes made from fresh, hand-scooped Tillamook ice cream and fresh fruit. Or go on the wild side with Wild Bill’s Rocky Mountain Root Beer, made from pure cane sugar and only the finest ingredients.

Pure Burger is a fresh addition to San Diego — a true pioneer in this age of compromised taste and quality. It’s real food, really delicious, at a surprisingly affordable price.